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The 8 Week Program

Our consulting package is designed specifically for printers who want to be successful with their digital print embellishment equipment, specifically with inkjet and CMYK+ technologies.


Over the course of eight weekly, one-hour sessions, our experts will work with you to tackle a new subject, including sales, marketing, estimating, pricing, design, production workflow, quality control, and post-production services.

The Topics We Cover

Introduction to Digital Print Embellishment

  • Overview of digital print embellishment capabilities

  • Understand the benefits of digital print embellishment for customers

  • Understanding the psychological effects  of haptics

  • Explore the different types of embellishments and applications

Marketing Strategies

  • Identify target markets for digital print embellishment

  • Develop a marketing and branding plan to attract potential customers

  • Create a sales strategy that emphasizes the value of digital print embellishment

Sales Strategies

  • Refining your sales pitch and arguments

  • Determine KPI's for success measurement

  • What are the key applications and why

  • Typical upselling ratios

  • Tips and tricks to secure repeat customers

Estimating and Quoting

  • Understand the cost components of digital print embellishment

  • Develop an accurate estimating and quoting process

  • Establish pricing strategies that are competitive and profitable

Designing for Digital Print Embellishment

  • Explore design possibilities with digital print embellishment

  • Understand the technical requirements for designing with embellishments

  • Develop a design strategy that highlights the unique features of digital print embellishment

Production Tips and Tricks

  • From pre power-up to post power down

  • From machine checks to substrate conditioning

  • Harness our experience to maximize efficiency and productivity

Quality Control and Limitations

  • Understand the quality control process for digital print embellishment

  • Develop a quality control strategy that ensures consistent quality

  • Understand the limitations of your machine

What You Get

At the end of 8 weeks, you'll have a solid strategy in place to make digital embellishments a key profit area in your print shop.

  • Our program offers you a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights using Taktiful's latest and most relevant market data.

  • You'll receive personalized attention through one-on-one and team discussions with our team of subject matter experts.

  • Each one-hour session will be recorded for your convenience and you'll also receive a transcript of each session with summary and quick in video links.

  • To keep you on track and motivated, we'll provide you with a customized to-do list with weekly homework assignments.

  • Our program also includes built-in accountability systems to ensure that you stay committed to making your embellishments work.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your business with digital print embellishment.


Contact us today to schedule your free discovery call!

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