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Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Introducing The World's First A.I. Estimating And Pricing Tool for Digital Print Embellishments.
Taktify is the only software dedicated specifically for the Digital Print Embellishment  market. 
It uses advanced AI meshed with your sales data to suggest market bearable selling prices,  based on geographic locations to help you sell more digitally embellished print.​

How it Works

The Ultimate Pricing Tool for Digital Print Embellishments

Develop & Refine a Winning Pricing Strategy

Input Job Information

Upload  Your File

Teach Your

AI Based on Your Sales Wins & Losses

Use Taktify Database for Pricing Comparison

Price To Win with Customized SweetSpot




Become An Embellishment Master

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See Market Trends and Adapt in

Real Time

Save Time and Beat Your Competitors to the Job

Track All KPI's

See Exact Cost

Leverage Data

Set Sales Goals

As technology continues to change in the print industry, pricing intelligence is often the most overlooked aspects but usually one of the most critical. 


Taktify's AI-based pricing suggestions are based on real-time market data, enabling businesses to make informed pricing decisions. Our software analyzes current market prices and considers several factors such as location, competition, equipment, and other parameters to provide the best pricing suggestions.

​With Taktify, businesses can use trends to their advantage, making it easy to stay in the race for the job without dropping the pricing to levels that can harm the market and your bottom line.


Our Mission

At Taktify, our mission is to foster the growth of the digital embellishment market by empowering users and brands with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy and thriving industry. We recognize the immense potential and value that digital embellishment brings to the print and design world.

Through our innovative solutions and technologies, we aim to simplify and streamline the process of incorporating embellishments into digital prints, making it accessible and efficient for businesses of all sizes.


By providing user-friendly software, educational resources, and industry insights, we enable users and brands to explore the endless possibilities of digital embellishment, expand their creative horizons, and ultimately drive the growth of this exciting market. Join us on our mission to revolutionize digital embellishment and unleash the full potential of print and design.


Made By Users For Users

Taktify was conceived and crafted with a unique approach: by users, for users. This isn't just another software platform; it's a collaborative masterpiece. Many of its pioneering features and development decisions stemmed from the invaluable insights and direct involvement of actual digital embellishment users. They didn't just provide feedback—they played an instrumental role in shaping Taktify, ensuring it evolved into a tool they genuinely wanted and needed. Experience the difference of a platform truly built with its users in mind.

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Who Are We


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